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Your transition to a Cloud Video Management system can be as easy, simple and cost effective as connecting your existing cameras to a single Eagle Eye Networks Bridge.

Giving you instant redundancy over current on-site VMS, with an immediate leap forward in the surveillance technology available to you, with AI Analytics, Business Intelligent tools and clever Search functionality, plus also removes the, potentially venerable, local recording element- with that now being stored in a Tier 4 Data Center.

And at the same time you have just lowered your VMS total cost of ownership, futureproofed your system and enabled secure, remote access from anywhere on any device.

Multiple cloud recording options available to suit your needs for resolution
and length of storage.

Eagle Eye at a Glance

The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) platform is the foundation for a multitude of features, functionality, software, and hardware that all work seamlessly together. It’s open, robust, and purpose-built for ...

AI Analytics and Video Search

Eagle Eye Networks smart video analytics features improve security and transform a video surveillance system into a tool for business optimization. Powerful artificial intelligence combined with cloud-based video retention automatically detect security ...

Bridges and CMVRs

The Eagle Eye Bridge manages the secure, encrypted transmission of video data to the cloud. The Bridge utilizes a built-in buffering system to temporarily store data during network outages or bandwidth fluctuations. ...

Eagle Eye Cameras

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS solution is camera agnostic, supporting 4000+ cameras from all leading manufactures. but if you’re looking to buy new cameras, the Eagle Eye Camera range offers a comprehensive ...