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Bridges and CMVRs

The Eagle Eye Bridge manages the secure, encrypted transmission of video data to the cloud. The Bridge utilizes a built-in buffering system to temporarily store data during network outages or bandwidth fluctuations.

A CMVR (Cloud Managed Video Recorder) offers flexible storage options for when redundant local and cloud storage is called for, and in low bandwidth applications.


An Eagle Eye Bridge is an on-premise device used by the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS to connect cameras to Eagle Eye cloud data centers. Offered in various configurations, the bridges enable you to receive and analyze video from your cameras. In addition, they provide on-premise buffering for bandwidth management and encrypted transmission to the cloud.

The Eagle Eye Cloud Managed Video Recorder (CMVR) addresses bandwidth challenges and redundant storage needs. Similar to a bridge in that it’s a local device that connects cameras to the cloud, our CMVR has the added ability to store video locally. We offer a full range of CMVRs from compact to enterprise and everything in between.


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