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KeyWatcher Australia (formerly AST) have been delivering solutions in the Key and Asset Management market since 1996. KeyWatcher Australia supply solutions to a range of industries, from Correctional Facilities and other Government Agencies through to Hotels, Data Centres, fleet managers and property managers.

Integrated Products have partnered with Keywatcher in WA to provide professional, scalable, and flexible key management solutions to any marketplace.

KeyWatcher Management Software

Monitor and track your keys in real-time, from anywhere, with KeyMaaS, KeyWatcher’s key management software built for the Australian market. KeyMaaS is a secure, cloud-based, key control software that integrates seamlessly with ...

Keywatcher Accessories

KeyWatcher systems provide many different accessories to customise your key management system.   There are several options available to suit your needs such as: SmartKeys which are equipped with an ID microchip ...

KeyWatcher Cabinets

KeyWatcher electronic key cabinets give you complete control of your key and asset security through advanced technology and intelligent key management software KeyMaaS - making it easy to track users and key ...