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AI Analytics and Video Search

Eagle Eye Networks smart video analytics features improve security and transform a video surveillance system into a tool for business optimization. Powerful artificial intelligence combined with cloud-based video retention automatically detect security risks and send alerts, freeing business owners and operators to focus on other aspects of their business. Data from video analytics can be used to make informed business decisions by monitoring customer trends and patterns.


Eagle Eye Networks uses advanced artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and expand the applications of video analytics. This is possible because the video management system is cloud-based, meaning unlimited processing power and ability to make sense of large amounts of data. With Eagle Eye Networks 5 analytics can be activated at the same time on the same camera. Additionally there’s the Eagle Eye LPR, which works with the optional Vehicle Surveillance Package.

And Eagle Eye’s ground-breaking AI-based Smart Video Search, you search and quickly find people, vehicles or objects using natural language-based search – just was you would with an internet search engine. So no need for an operator trained on any custom search criteria hierarchy.



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