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IP Cameras

See the image detail you need in any environment. Convert your current analogue Cameras to IP. There’s a UX, GX, BX or SP camera to suit.

UX Domes, Bullets and Fixed Cameras

UX Range

With best in class performance, the IndigoVision UX Camera range supports multiple resolutions and delivers enhanced video streams in all lighting conditions. SmartCodec technology gives highly optimised H.265 compression significantly reducing storage costs.

Click here to download the new UX Cameras datasheet.

BX Bullet and Minidome Cameras

BX Range

With IndigoVision's BX Range you get supreme connectivity and flexibility combined with great video and audio. Available in a variety of resolutions and form factors.

Click here to download the BX Cameras datasheet.

GX Outdoor Dome Cameras

outdoor dome security cameras

Part of IndigoVision's GX Range, available in 2MP and 5MP resolution options - the GX Dome Camera's deliver pin sharp video that is fully ONVIF conformant.

Click here to download the GX Outdoor Dome datasheet.

IR PTZ Cameras

The manoeuvrability of the IR PTZ camera allows it to monitor virtually any area with 360° views, pointing into any direction, including straight down and above the horizon. Our IR PTZ cameras comply with the National Defense Authorization Act line, so you can approach US government contracts with confidence.

Image stabilization and ultra-low PTZ latency ensures smooth viewing and control, combined with up to 40x optical zoom and infra-red technology for incredible visibility.

Click here to download the new IR PTZ Cameras datasheet.

PTZ Mounting Accessories


PTZ Cameras

Expedite investigations with robust visual evidence from the PTZ camera’s 360-degree views, up to 36x zoom and high-resolution image detail.

No matter the size of your site, the camera is equipped with classified object and motion detection to proactively flag potentially critical events in need of your attention.

The PTZ’s Wide Dynamic Range and low light technology deliver high-quality images, even in scenes with contrasting and/or low light conditions.

Click here to download the new PTZ Cameras datasheet.

SP Multisensor Camera

SP Multisensor Camera Surface Side

Perfect for corridor intersections and when you need to cover multiple angels with one camera. The incredible multisensory camera can see in four directions at once with 20MP clarity..

Click here to download the SP Multisensor Camera datasheet.


SP Fisheye Camera

The SP Fisheye delivers 360-degree panoramic views of large areas from a single vantage point, reducing blind spots and requiring fewer cameras for superior situational awareness.

The camera is embedded with analytic capabilities to proactively detect and alert security teams of potentially critical events (e.g., objects in area, object loitering) for quick responses.

Equipped with a built-in microphone, the SP Fisheye offers an optional audio recording capability for security teams that require additional evidentiary detail.

Click here to download the SP Fisheye camera datasheet


SP Thermal Camera

Perfect for corridor intersections and when you need to cover multiple angels with one camera. The incredible multisensory camera can see in four directions at once with 20MP clarity..

Click here to download the SP Thermal Camera datasheet.


HD Interceptor PTZ Camera

With integrated white and infrared lighting, flat glass and 129mm lens the IndigoVision High Definition (HD) Interceptor PTZ Camera delivers amazing 1080p video, regardless of ambient light. Ruggedised, with IP68 and IK10 rating, and with an operating temperature range of -40ºC to 60ºC, the Interceptor can easily cope with the most challenging environments.

Click here to download the Interceptor PTZ datasheet.


XF & XP ATEX Cameras


IndigoVision XF and XP ATEX rated cameras are designed to give no ignition source, delivering video security for chemical plants, refineries, mills, flour silos and loading facilities for flammable gases, liquids and solids – any area at risk of explosion

These cameras are packed with IndigoVision’s highly optimized camera technology. So you get outstanding quality, High Definition video at astonishingly low bandwidth.

Designed for dangerous work, our XF and XP ATEX Cameras are a safe choice.

Click here to download the ATEX Camera datasheet,