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GoTo Resolve

Solve problems fast for employees and customers with powerful remote IT management, access, and support tools like secure screen sharing and file transfers.


Introducing GoTo Resolve: Refreshingly simple, all-in-one IT support, fortified with zero trust security for unparalleled ease and peace of mind. Remote access, support, ticketing, and camera sharing – all in one place.

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Remote Access & Support

Allow employees to easily, securely access files, programs, and the network – wherever they’re working; and IT has seamless, reliable access to any machine. Speed up resolutions, starting with a fast, frictionless join flow. All the tools an agent needs to resolve issues are on a single dashboard.

Conversational Ticketing

Tailor your approach to ticketing and make accessing support easier for everyone. Integrate IT ticketing into popular work messaging tools. From incident creation to problem resolution, managing support requests and IT issues has never been simpler.

Visual Engagement

Whether you’re troubleshooting a web issue together or securely sharing cameras for a hardware fix, reach resolutions faster when you take a visual approach to support. The best part? No annoying downloads required.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Highly engaging trainings- From onboarding to certifications, our reliable, intuitive teaching platform engages learners before, during, and after virtual training sessions.


Securely connect to any PC, Mac or mobile device on any network from anywhere at anytime.

A secure, standalone co-browsing solution that lets customer-facing teams jointly navigate any web page with customers in real time. And zero-download, video-based support solution that allows IT and field service teams to seamlessly support equipment and environments remotely.

Rescue scales to deliver flexible, reliable remote support no matter how big your business is – or how fast it grows. It’s about more than tackling tech issues. It’s about saving time and money, and boosting efficiencies across your company.

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Resolve issues by delivering web-based support to customers, end users, computers and servers.

Keep customers and remote employees on-the-move with a remote support experience that’s better for both agents and end users alike. With GoToAssist, it’s easier to resolve issues fast and without frustration, to get customers and employees back to doing what matters.

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