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IndigoVision Releases HD Camera-based Motion Analytics

IndigoVision has released an upgrade to its 11000 series High Definition (HD) IP camera range enabling real time motion analytics to run in the camera. This includes the popular Activity Control Framerate (ACF) function that is common to all the company’s IP cameras.

The 11000 HD fixed and HD PTZ IP cameras can now offer both ACF and motion detection analytics. ACF controls the framerate of the camera video stream based on the amount of motion in the scene. When there is no activity, video is streamed over the network at minimum framerate; the instant motion is detected the video is automatically transmitted at the maximum configured framerate. This significantly reduces the bandwidth and NVR storage requirement for cameras monitoring generally static scenes or during quiet periods such as at night.

Source: http://www.indigovision.com/news2011.php#news_13january2011

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