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IndigoVision Release Control Centre Intrepid 12.2


IndigoVision has released the next iteration of its world class Control Center Management System. IndigoVision’s Control Center Intrepid 12.2 extends on features and benefits of V12, and improving ONVIF functionality and support.

Geographic Maps
Control Center supports geographic maps, giving quick and easy coverage of global maps from individual streets up to cities, countries or the whole world. All existing mapping features are supported, including panning and zooming, viewing cameras covering a location and displaying zone alarm areas. Two map providers, MapQuest and mod_tile, are supported.

Improved ONVIF Compatibility for Physical and Analytics Detectors
Control Center and the NVR-AS now support the digital input and motion alarm events introduced in the ONVIF 2.2.1 Specification. This allows Control Center 12.2 to create physical and analytics detectors for a greater range of third party ONVIF devices. Refer to the supported third party camera list on the IndigoVision website for up to date details of supported devices.

ONVIF Auxiliary Commands
Control Center now supports auxiliary commands, such as wipers and lights, on ONVIF cameras.

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