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IndigoVision Joins IP Video Open Standards Bodies

IndigoVision has joined both the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance) and will be involved with the development of the standards.

ONVIF is an open industry forum for the development of a global standard for the interface of network video products and is committed to the adoption of network video in the security market. The ONVIF specification will ensure interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer.

The PSIA was founded in February of 2008 with the objective of promoting the interoperability of IP enabled security devices. Participating companies include leaders in the security camera, video management software, access control, system integrator segments of the market. IndigoVision has already established itself as a leader in the integration of CCTV with third-party security systems using IP networks, so is keen to help develop the standards in this area.

Source: http://www.indigovision.com/news2008-1.php#news_12december2008

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