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NVR-AS 4000 Series

Ideal for installations with large camera numbers in a single site, or require long video retention, the IndigoVision Enterprise NVR-AS 4000s can record up to 200 cameras per NVR, and are available in Linux or Windows.

Enterprise NVR-AS 4000

Unrivalled recording resilience giving complete piece of mind with automatic failover and integrated backup. Extra peace of mind through enterprise grade, nearline Hard Disk Drives and RAID 6 redundancy.

  • Record up to 200 cameras per NVR
  • Up to 192TB usable storage – record better quality evidence, for longer
  • Extra peace of mind – near line Hard Disk Drives and RAID 6 redundancy
  • Dual network and power redundancy
  • Resilience – automatic failover and integrated backup
  • Digitally watermarked recordings – indisputable evidence
  • Completely Open – integrate other security systems, recording support for multiple camera manufacturers
  • Distributed Network Architecture – no single point of failure
  • Available with Linux or Windows Operating Systems

Click here to download the Enterprise-NVR-AS-4000 datasheet.


Compact NVR-AS 4000

compact NVR-AS 4000

Perfect for small or distributed installations, the IndigoVision Compact NVR-AS 4000 can record up to 20 Cameras and has 1TB, 4TB or 12TB single drive storage options.

  • 20 cameras simultaneous record and playback
  • 40 Mbps simultaneous record and playback throughput
  • Robust Linux O/S
  • Aluminium casing and fanless operation – rugged and discreet
  • Wall, rack, VESA and DIN mounting options
  • Automatic failover and redundancy
  • Digitally watermarked recordings – indisputable evidence
  • Dual 100Mbps/1Gbps ports – network redundancy
  • Distributed Network Architecture – no single point of failure

Click to download the Compact-NVR-AS 4000 Datasheet.


Windows NVR-AS


IndigoVision NVRs can be located at any point on a network allowing recording and playback across multiple sites regardless of location. A system can deploy as many NVRs as required.The Windows Network Video Recorder is a Windows service that runs on Windows 202016 Server PCs and records and manages live video recordings. In conjunction with Control Center, IndigoVision’s CCTV management application, it provides a powerful and integrated recording and playback system for video and audio from IndigoVision’s range of IP Cameras and Transmitters. The Windows NVR-AS also supports full frame rate recording of up to 200 cameras with simultaneous playback of up to 25 video streams.

As well as recording full frame rate, full resolution video and audio, Windows NVRs allow Control Center to perform high speed post-recording analysis such as motion search, thumbnail displays, alarm logging and bookmark logging.

Click here to download the Windows NVR-AS datasheet.