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Integration Modules

IndigoVision Integration Modules allow a seamless flow of events from a variety of third party external systems to one of the most open security management solutions on the market, IndigoVision’s Control Center.


IndigoVision is Open

“Open” means that the solution design allows for seamless integration of third party hardware devices and third party software applications into one system. The benefit of an open solution is the flexibility to build the solution that’s right for you.

IndigoVision’s solution is open giving you the ability to choose third party cameras, NVR’s and workstations. Also we are conformant with various industry standards such as ONVIF® Profile S, OPC and MS SQL*.


Integrate with IndigoVision

With Integration Modules for Access Control, Perimeter Detection, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, IndigoVision provide the flexibility to pick the best-of-breed third party systems you need which seamlessly connect with our security management solution, Control Center.

These Integration Modules allow a flow of events between IndigoVision and the external system to deliver a fully integrated security solution.



Software Development Kit

IndigoVision also offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) to selected Partners which enable software developers to integrate third party applications with IndigoVision’s security management solution, Control Center.


Connect third party cameras

Camera Gateway™ takes video streams from other manufacturers’ cameras using their native protocols and integrates them into the Control Center. Camera Gateway™ also supports audio, PTZ control, events and outputs.

IndigoVision offer a flexible solution which allows you to mix and match various third party systems and cameras to create the most effective security solution for your needs.