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RMA Procedure

Product under Warranty

  1. Customer calls/e-mails Integrated Products support with the model number, serial number and a detailed description of the fault.
  2. Support allocate a case number and contact the customer to confirm if onsite recovery is possible through upgrade, or through user/software settings. Please note, you may be asked technical questions relating to the hardware, failure or network configuration. If this advice does not recover the device, escalation to RMA is requested.
  3. Customer receives an e-mail confirming the RMA number, shipping address and courier details to return the faulty device.

When reported fails are not confirmed or no attempt has been made to recover/confirm failures we will require a PO for each returned unit. This covers initial testing, our basic recovery procedures and shipping. Any device successfully recovered using this process is deemed as no fault found and you will be charged using the supplied PO.

If manufacturing/component failures are found you will not be charged and the device will be replaced/returned as appropriate.

Integrated Products accepts no responsibility for merchandise that arrives damaged as a result of inadequate packaging. If the Partner requires original cartons to return a device they should contact Technical Support to have these shipped.

Product not under Warranty

Out of Warranty units should arrive with PO coverage for initial verification costs to the value of AUD 300. On receipt of this PO the level of repair required shall be determined and a quote sent to the Partner for approval if the cost of the repair is out with this initial value. Approval from the Partner and further PO coverage is required prior to repair initiation.