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You can keep your old analogue cameras. But now they won’t feel old. A cost-effective analogue to world class IP video migration.

Treat your old analogue investment to an IP upgrade, on any budget.

Get all the benefits of an IP system while keeping your existing analogue investment. That’s a win win; for your security and for your budget.


Increase the lifetime and intelligence of your existing analogue investment.

IndigoVision Encoders offer the flexibility to gradually migrate to IP camera by camera, or to complement a completely new IP system; prolonging the lifetime of your existing analogue investment.

With outstanding compression, IndigoVision’s Encoders can encode both SD and HD analogue cameras so you get reduced bandwidth, reduced storage costs, improved video quality and up to 25 fps. All coupled with intelligent analytics and remote client access, enabling your existing analogue investment to make a step up.


Quick and easy to install, connect up to 16 analogue cameras.

Our BX Encoders will make your analogue to IP upgrade easy and effective with simple plug and play for easy installation. Coupled with no recording downtime, they will save you time and peace of mind.

The BX Encoders are compact if space is a concern and all products are and rack mountable. Available in 8 and 16 channel options the BX Encoders can save you up to 66% per channel, dramatically reducing your total cost.

BX130 8-16 Channel Encoder

Click here to download the the BX130 Encoder datasheet.